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With Luda.Farm products, you can keep an eye on your farm any time, anywhere. Monitor your farm entrance, diesel tank, calving pens or remote pastures. All the products are intuitive and super easy to install and operate. Make your everyday life easier and get peace of mind with these products by the quality Swedish brand Luda.Farm by NEXT Farming.


FarmCam HD Packet von Luda.Farm

FarmCam HD

Camera system for your yard and sheds.

Verpackung der FarmCam Mobility von Luda.Farm.

FarmCam Mobility

Surveillance camera with image transmission via mobile signal.

Verpackung der SmartPlug von Luda.Farm.


Intelligent timer with remote access.

FarmCam IP2 von Luda.Farm inklusive Anzeige bei Smartphone und Tablet.

FarmCam IP2

WiFi surveillance camera.

Verpackung der FenceAlarm von Luda.Farm.


Pasture fence sensor with alarm function.

Koffer zur Aufbewahrung der MachineCam Mobility von Luda.Farm

MachineCam Mobility

Complete set incl. autonomous wireless camera.

Koffer zur Aufbewahrung der MachineCam Mobility HD von Luda.Farm

MachineCam Mobility HD

Mobile HD camera system for all vehicles and machines.

Verpackung der TrailerCam 5D von Luda.Farm.

TrailerCam 5D

Wireless camera system for horse trailers.

Verpackung der MachineCam von Luda.Farm.


Professional wireless camera system, complete set.

Solarpannel und FarmCam HD von Luda.Farm Zubehör

Luda.Farm accessories

Discover the Luda.Farm accessories here.