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News from NEXT Farming

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Map Server - Verifying Data in Reality

Compare data from our NEXT GeoService catalog with the actual conditions in the field to identify any anomalies in the cultivation of your land.


Precision Maize Seeding - Perfection Down to Every Grain

Factors such as extreme weather, varying soil conditions, and diverse yield potentials affect every maize plant. By using site-specific seeding, you…

The fertilizer requlation season is just around the corner

NEXT Farming helps you to meet all the requirements of the fertilizer requlation.

Calculate the fertiliser requirements for your fields in your NEXT…

NEXT Farming in 3-part short film series on YouTube! showcases how site-specific management succeeds with NEXT Farming on Tegethoff Agrar farm throughout the cultivation year.

FarmFacts GmbH releases industry first open marketplace

FarmFacts GmbH has enhanced its farm management platform NEXT Farming with an integrated online marketplace.