NEXT Machine ManagementLIVE

Processing cross-vendor machine data.

  • Easier task planning
  • Faster data transfer


Everyone’s talking about it. We’re simply doing it.

NEXT Machine ManagementLIVE connects your mixed fleet in an intelligent way for even greater efficiency. Planning cultivation measures is easy, data transfer is faster and with just a few clicks, the cross-manufacturer machine data from your mixed fleet is reported effortlessly.

Utilise your machines more efficiently across different manufacturers with
NEXT Machine ManagementLIVE.

Your advantages:

  • Wireless transfer of tasks information to your machines
  • Future-oriented design and highest data security
  • Central component of the modular farm-management-system  
  • NEXT FarmingLIVE is adapted to your operational requirements
  • NEXT crop planning and documentationLIVE as a powerful field database

Overview of NEXT Machine Management system and networking

Plan and document your measures with NEXT FamingLIVE

NEXT Crop planning and DocumentationLIVE

Provides a solid foundation for planning and basic documentation.

  • Clear and detailed, customised crop planning - based on the
    integrated GIS or in tabular form
  • Basic documentation of tasks
  • Create precise and secure records
  • Different reports
  • GPS-based documentation with the NEXT FarmingAPP

Quickly, easily and automatically use and process your  cross-manufacturer machine data as documentation and when planning cultivation measures.*

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