NEXT Area Surveying OFFICE

NEXT Area SurveyingOFFICE

With NEXT Area SurveyingOFFICE, boundary stones can be searched for and areas surveyed without surveyors. Landscape elements are documented for the yield, and cutting data breakdowns are mapped graphically. The use of digital aerial images and various surveying data (e.g. ALKIS) as a reference makes it easy to locate boundary stones. An existing survey can be checked for accuracy, and the location of land parcels can be verified. It is also easy to measure markers such as shaft covers and to transmit this information to the control system.

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Performance characteristics:

  • Use of graphic background information and maps, aerial
  • images, ALKIS, soil type maps, etc.
  • Import and export in Shape format
  • Integration of various GPS receivers
  • Display the accuracy and number of satellites
  • RTK and Mobile RTK
NEXT Area Surveying OFFICE