NEXT Crop Season and Cost Planning OFFICE

NEXT Crop Season and Cost PlanningOFFICE

NEXT Crop Season and Cost PlanningOFFICE offers entirely new planning possibilities. The module is fully integrated in NEXT FarmingOFFICE, making it possible to easily and fully plan a new crop season. The crop rotations and process chains are managed in the master data. The cultivation plan and all seedings are generated based on this data. Costs and operating equipment amounts are evaluated directly in the software. Based on the target yields and soil sample results, it recommends necessary fertiliser application, pesticide tasks and other crop tending tasks ranging from soil cultivation to harvest. Various plans can be saved as scenarios and evaluated.

By selecting a scenario, it is possible to create direct plan postings in NEXT Field Card IndexOFFICE. The order slips and data for the on-board computer and apps can be exported based on these plan postings.

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Performance characteristics:

  • Planning of various crop rotations
  • Process chains
  • Plan cultivations and seeding for future crop seasons
  • Fertiliser application
  • Pesticides and tasks
  • Scenario management and evaluations
  • Data transfer to task documentation
NEXT Crop Season and Cost Planning OFFICE Screen