NEXT Lease and Area ManagementOFFICE

All exchange contracts, lease and licence agreements as well as sub-leases are managed with NEXT Lease and Area ManagementOFFICE. The land parcel register is connected directly to the contract management and can be further integrated into your field management. The runtime control provides you with a general overview of all contracts and specific overviews for defined dates. Create your lease payments and other special payments to your leaseholders based on your requirements. The integrated text processing module assists in the creation of contract texts and appendices. NEXT Lease and Area ManagementOFFICE can be combined with NEXT GISOFFICE. This provides a graphical overview of all fields.

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Performance characteristics:

  • Management of all lease and exchange agreements
  • Runtime control
  • Payment management
  • Land parcel register overview, comparison with ALKIS
  • Serial letters