NEXT On-Board Computer OFFICE

NEXT On-Board ComputerOFFICE

The ISOBUS standard represents a milestone in land technology. The introduction of this standardized communication interface stands for great progress in the exchange between machines and devices. The lack of compatibility of different machines is a thing of the past. A large number of ISO on-board computers are now available. Many manufacturers provide a terminal with your machine or a terminal can be retrofitted, e.g. with the steering system. The data for the ISO terminal is supplied by the NEXT On-Board ComputerOFFICE software package. With the NEXT On-Board ComputerOFFICE software package, we offer you a complete system for the management of all master data, guide tracks and orders.

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Performance characteristics:

  • Master data management

  • Yield data

  • Task management

  • Prescription maps

  • Working time analyses

  • Field documentation incl. all activities

  • Wayline planning