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The proven software solution for piglet production.

All actions and information related to your sow herd are recorded, evaluated and clearly displayed. The central point of the program is the work diary, in which all control measures, work and information on the production processes are recorded. In addition to production data, the proven software for breeding and piglet production gives you a complete control over all documentation: herd register, herd book, medicine stock and use, etc. The simplification of stock management in the barn through weekly work schedules, optionally based on the individual sow or on individual groups, provides the sow farmer with a good overview of the herd. For the individual animal there is a quick overview with the individually managed sow index card. The objective in every farm is the early recognition and elimination of performance problems and the safe selection of low-performing animals, among other things with the selection barrier.

Performance characteristics:

  • Collection of all biological and economic data
  • Card index and stable card
  • Weekly schedules/monthly and breeding evaluation
  • Overview of herds and performances (graphic)
  • Production preview, selection plans and statistics
  • Register of livestock according to VVVO
  • Contribution margin accounting and invoicingInter-company evaluations and horizontal operation comparison
  • Detailed race comparisons
  • Connection to feeding system
  • Livestock and index determination
  • Evaluations of the animal disease indication according to SchHaltHygV
  • Connection to antibiotics database according to AMG § 58 a,bmulti-operation capability
  • Multi-user capability incl. password protection


Additional service:

  • Competent training and on-site service
  • Remote maintenance, group training and phone hotline


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