NEXT Subarea Management OFFICE

NEXT Subarea ManagementOFFICE

Site-specific and efficient management of agricultural land.

Subarea management is a method for site-specific and efficient management of agricultural land. Field cultivation with centimetre precision is the current topic in agriculture. All relevant data with geographical reference is processed and analysed in NEXT Subarea ManagementOFFICE. Do you have georeferenced yield maps or soil sample analyses? You can use the exact graphical representation of this information for your fields with NEXT Subarea ManagementOFFICE. Using the site-specific information, seeding, fertiliser and pesticide tasks can be planned at home. Based on this information, NEXT Subarea ManagementOFFICE generates a prescription map which can be transmitted directly to the on-board computer on the tractor.

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Performance characteristics:

  • Geographical weak point analysis of your field areas
  • Processing of soil sample results
  • Creation of prescription maps and export to your machinery
  • Direct interface to your on-board computer
  • Yield mapping
  • Wayline management
NEXT Subarea Management OFFICE

TF basic maps as the basis for subarea-specific management are available directly and conveniently from:



Supplies current and official GIS data for all areas.

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