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Provides excellent support for the challenges of modern vegetable cultivation.

The software is modular and easy to use. The central database records all data only once, which can then be used directly for all required applications. All data can be recorded and analysed on the go using smartphones, tablets and on-board computers. The geographic information system provides you with an overview and all background information for every field. All data can continue to be used for billing, invoicing, lease administration, financial and payroll accounting. The overall package and our service support you thus in daily planning, during implementation and all the way to the complete cost calculation.

Reliable documentation:

Work can be easily documented through different recording devices. The documentation required for QA or GlobalGAP can be  summarized in a report and printed. Required documentation can be completed on a PC or, remotely, on a smartphone or tablet.

Always up-to-date on pesticides:

Automatic updates keep the pesticide database up-to-date at all times. Be it distance requirements, active ingredients, application frequency or waiting periods, NEXT Vegetables OFFICE provides assistance while application.

Management of all kinds of crops:

NEXT VegetablesOFFICE manages fields and plantations based on different vegetable types. This makes NEXT VegetablesOFFICE extremely flexible in its application. Using the field overview in the integrated GIS the fields can be displayed in tabular form or sorted by color for different vegetable types.

Storage management:

With NEXT VegetablesOFFICE, stock is always under control. Documentation of inflows and outflows on the PC are automatically synchronised with terminals, smartphones or tablets. This guarantees a clear overview of all storage locations on your farm.

Optional add-on modules:

Lease management:

The operations management maintains a good overview of lease agreements. An overview of all expiring agreements immediately shows possible upcoming restrictions regarding your farm area and helps you to keep track of your lease payments.

Precision Farming / prescription maps:

The use of prescription maps is becoming more and more important, especially in vegetable farming. Yields are ensured using precise seed or fertiliser amounts. NEXT VegetablesOFFICE supports the creation of corresponding maps and waylines. This data is transferred directly to the on-board computer.

Irrigation / well management:

Water is a crucial resource. This means that irrigation documentation is also becoming more important. The well book assists you in managing the wells and displays the consumed amounts of water over a configurable period of time.

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Performance characteristics:

  • Mobile data documentation and analysis
  • Financial and payroll accounting
  • Weather station and sensors
  • Wayline management
  • Order management
  • On-board computer connection
  • Soil sampling service
  • Patch planning
  • AB curves
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