The goal of applying fertiliser and pesticides is to ensure high yields at minimum effort. With site-specific cultivation, this is also possible while taking the variations in the field into account. NEXT GreenSeekerPACKAGE ascertains the vitality and biomass differences in the plants while passing over the field. Even minimal deviations are reliably detected by an active system by means of a light source. The quality of the plant analysis can be increased further by using the underlying factor map (map overlay).

With this map, NEXT GreenSeekerPACKAGE not only detects the current state of the crop but also takes the various yield potentials, which are not visible to the sensor, in the field area into account. Using this information, NEXT GreenSeekerPACKAGE controls the respective dispensing device with your configured strategy and the maximum and minimum volumes. Practitioners as well as scientific studies and field trials agree that the use of NEXT GreenSeekerPACKAGE significantly increases yields and qualities, reduces costs and also protects the environment.

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Reasons to choose NEXT GreenSeekerPACKAGE:


  • Optimisation of the distribution of fertiliser and growth
  • regulators with site-specific application
  • Reduces costs and protects the environment
  • Implement your field-specific strategy:
  • You determine the material and the maximum and minimum amounts of applied products.
  • Can also be used during early development stages
  • For rapeseed: Calculation of nutrient requirements
  • through mapping before the vegetation pause
  • Can be used during all stages of the plant growth


  • Interfaces to all fertiliser spreaders, sprayers or other application technology controlled by terminals
  • Full compatibility with crossvendor connection to the on-board computer via ISOBUS
  • Map overlay possible
  • Variable number of sensor heads (2 or 4) enables use in various applications
  • Attachment of the sensor heads (2, 4 or 6) directly on the fertiliser spreader or sprayer possible
  • Dynamic calibration during the trip
  • Active system with its own light source