NEXT Weather Station PACKAGE

NEXT Weather StationPACKAGE

With the NEXT Weather StationPACKAGE you can collect your own weather data and thus optimise your operations. You receive the data logger with recording electronics, modem for data transmission, solar panel and lead battery as well as all requested sensors for air, precipitation and soil.

The station is powered by a long-lasting battery (charged via solar panel). For this reason, every NEXT Weather Station can be installed in an open field. The recorded data is transmitted hourly via the GSM network to the web server. From there it is automatically imported into NEXT Field Card IndexOFFICE.

Available in three versions (additional sensors can be purchased separately at any time to upgrade the NEXT Weather StationPACKAGE):


includes sensors for air temperature and precipitation, 1.5-metre mounting post


includes sensors for air temperature, air temperature near soil level, humidity, dew point, soil temperature, precipitation, wind speed, 3-metre mounting post


includes sensors for precipitation, air temperature, air temperature near soil level, humidity, wind speed, leaf moisture, solar irradiation, 6x soil moisture, 6x soil temperature, 6x salinity, 3-metre mounting post

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Performance characteristics:

  • Up-to-date and detailed weather data at any time
  • Precise 7-day weather forecast
  • Precise disease models based on station data
  • Optimisation of irrigation rates
  • Remote field monitoring
  • Field card index entries with weather data
  • More efficient working hours, thanks to a better planning basis
  • Save resources and equipment
  • Representation of soil moisture and nutrient displacement in the soil
  • Flexible evaluation options