With raindancerPACKAGE, you can control and monitor irrigation with your smartphone or PC. raindancerPACKAGE consists of the GPS unit with a solar power supply and a pressure sensor on the sprinkler trolley, the internet platform with a personal access code and the smartphone app for quick, remote access. With raindancerPACKAGE, you always know where exactly your irrigation system is located, if the station is working and when the irrigation is finished.If there is a problem, you receive a warning message via SMS and can comfortably stop the system using your smartphone. This way you save unnecessary monitoring trips and valuable working time. You can plan and organise irrigation tasks with raindancerPACKAGE. Required irrigation amounts are recommended. All irrigation runs are logged automatically on your field areas.

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Performance characteristics:

  • More efficient irrigation
  • Flexible evaluation options
  • Alarm warning in the event of faults or entry into hazard zones
  • Irrigation task planning
  • Automatic recording and logging
  • Optional remote control and site-specific irrigation
  • Manufacturer-independent