The European corn borer can cause significant economical damage to corn crops. Its infestation has increased drastically in Germany over the last few years. It is not only the surface area of the infestation which is increasing, but the intensity of the infestation per area as well. Almost all growing regions are affected. NEXT DroneSERVICE offers an innovative and effective treatment possibility using a multicopter and is based on the distribution of beneficial insects (ichneumon flies).

With the help of the multicopter, the corn fields are treated twice during the infestation period at an interval of 10-14 days. At regular intervals, 100 capsules with ichneumon flies (trichograms) are distributed on the field. These insects parasitise the corn borer clutches, eliminating them effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. This ensures the corn yield and the quality of the harvest. Another effect is that the corn borer population in the next year is reduced as well.

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Other applications

  • Damage assessment from the air
  • NIR scan flights
  • Aerial image and video recordings
  • Subarea determination
  • Fawn rescue
  • Detection of weak areas on solar roofs



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