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FarmFacts GmbH Data Privacy Policy We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We therefore always process your personal data („data“) in accordance with legal regulations. This… Learn more
We place our services at your disposal.  Please contact us! By email at By telephone at +49 (0)5671 5003-0 or speak directly to your… Learn more
NEXT DroneSERVICE The European corn borer can cause significant economical damage to corn crops. Its infestation has increased drastically in Germany over the last few years. It is not… Learn more
NEXT Soil Sampling SERVICE
What can you expect? 20 years of experience in GPS-supported soil sampling ISO 9001 certified – monitored quality standard Site-specific sampling with an ATV Short… Learn more
NEXT TrainingSERVICE Ensure your professional-level use of the NEXT FarmingOFFICE and NEXT FarmingLIVE farm management systems with training units programmes to your… Learn more
NEXT Optimised Fertilisation SERVICE
NEXT Optimised FertilisationSERVICE Efficient use of fertilisers reduces cost pressure and ensures that you meet the legal requirements. At the same time farmers try to achieve the highest… Learn more
NEXT Optimised Seeding SERVICE
NEXT Optimised SeedingSERVICE The risk of unprofitable investment in this area is high. The right procedure makes all the difference. With the right advice, you can decide on the best… Learn more
Performance characteristics: The TF basic map shows the persistent relative biomass differences as a percentage deviation from the field area average. Custom TF zone map as an optimisation… Learn more
NEXT CropViewPACKAGE NEXT CropViewPACKAGE gives you the ability to observe and analyse the plant population on the computer over the entire vegetation period. You receive the basic unit… Learn more
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