Site-Specific Corn Sowing

Perfection to the last seed.

Teilflächenspezifische Maisaussaat

Have your corn sown site-specifically.

Factors such as extreme weather conditions, heterogeneous soils and different yield potentials influence every corn plant. With precision seeding you can counteract these factors.

A combination of satellite data, agronomical expertise, the right corn variety, the most modern agricultural technology and precise sowing technique is important for site-specific corn sowing.

Your Partner NEXT Farming supports you in this. Perfection to the last seed is our guiding principle.

We accompany you into the new corn season and are always at your side.

Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive service through NEXT Farming
  • Correct seed quantity in the individual yield zones: Increasing nutrient efficiency and saving costs
  • Optimum plant population: lower risk of harvest losses due to extreme weather conditions
  • Homogeneous plant population: more uniform ripening and improvement of silage quality
  • Increase in earnings

By cooperating with machine manufacturers, seed breeders, trading partners and contractors, we can offer you a genuine and independent complete package and provide you with optimum advice and support.

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The process up to the finished application map and the precisely placed corn is quite simple. For clear identification we need the field contours of the planned areas. You can usually export these from your land register program or your field card index. If you don't have this at hand, you can also simply draw in the field contours on Google Earth.


We use these contours and analyse them with Talking Fields satellite image evaluations. Based on the respective variety characteristics we then determine the distribution of the seed quantities and the software calculates the finished application map.



This final application map is then transferred with the complete order to the corresponding on-board computer.



NEXT Farming has developed algorithms and procedures for the site-specific sowing of corn, which help to determine the correct variation in seed rate.

To plan successful sowing, the user therefore only needs three things:

  • The digital contours of his fields
  • A TalkingField base map of his fields from NEXT Farming
  • ​​​​​​​The recommended optimum sowing density of a corn variety in the region, as would be usual for normal sowing

Optionally, you can improve the result if you also inform us of the planned corn variety.  We can already generate an application map from these factors.


Our offer to farmers:

You want to make your application map yourself? Then we support you with advice and our tools so that you can create an application map on your NEXT Farming System.

You want a ready-to-use application map? Then provide us with the field contours and, if available, your TalkingField base map and let us know the desired average sowing density. We will then create the ready-to-use application map for your field and make it available to you in NEXT FarmingLIVE.


Our offer to contractors:

  • We advise and support you in setting up customers in your NEXT Farming System
  • We advise you on the generation of application maps for your customers
  • On request, we take over the generation of sowing maps in NEXT FarmingLIVE for you or your customers

Our offer to breeders and seed suppliers:

  • Our algorithm can be adapted to specific varieties and regions
  • If you send us a questionnaire with the variety characteristics and regional recommendations for average seed density, we can provide you with a variety-specific adjustment of the control curve for sowing


The following conditions apply to the map production service:

  • Please note that the generation of the TalkingField basic map takes two to four weeks​​​​​​​


To ensure that the finished application map now also arrives perfectly on the field, the technology must be checked to see whether it is capable of doing so. In order to be able to provide the best possible advice in this area, we work together with the leading manufacturers and can therefore obtain further information from the respective experts at the factory if necessary.


In addition to the right technology, the right seed and the right variety are the most important factors. We are in constant exchange with a large number of breeders and update our knowledge about the suitability of varieties and the spread of seed quantities.

In cooperation with many trade partners we offer the complete full service in different regions.
Please feel free to contact our partners or we will be happy to arrange the appropriate contact for you.

Together with a large number of agricultural machinery sales partners and workshops, we organise further information events, workshops and above all the required service on site

The technically optimally equipped contractor in your region is your contact for the on-time delivery, optimal sowing, if you do not have the technology yourself.


Many contractors have specialised in this field and also offer a complete service and the consultation.
We will be happy to arrange the right contractor for you.


Then fill out our inquiry form!

We will then individually consider your specifications and requirements and prepare a suitable offer for you.

We create the application maps specially tailored to your operation with our NEXT Application Map CenterLIVE.For this reason it is helpful if you have already signed up in advance for
NEXT FarmingLIVE and set up your farm. If you need assistance in this, you will find some helpful tips here - otherwise our support team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


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