Diligent field monitoring

Location-accurate recording, documentation and analysis of weather and other field data, including forecasts.

Rain, soil moisture, frost, pests, etc. – your field is exposed to many external factors. Weather stations for precise weather data and other tools for field monitoring allow you to collect essential data. This gives you smart forecasting models which you can use to further optimise your business processes.

Comprehensive professional solution:

NEXT WetterdatenOFFICE


Collect your own weather data to optimise your farming processes.

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The perfect complement:

NEXT MobileWetterAPP

NEXT MobileWeatherAPP

You always have the weather data, the weather forecast and the disease models provided by the NEXT Weather Station at your fingertips.

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NEXT WetterstationPACKAGE

NEXT Weather StationPACKAGE

You can collect your own weather data and thus optimise your operations.

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Gives you the ability to observe and analyse the plant population on the computer over the entire vegetation period.

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