Site-specific crop management

Site-specific and efficient management of arable land with innovative software, smart technology and bespoke advice.

Hardly any field area is homogeneous with the same potential yield potential. Different soil conditions require specific crop management. With the site-specific information, seeding, fertiliser and pesticide applications can be planned in the office. Statistically verified remote sensing data allows you to draw conclusions about yield potential and fertiliser requirements. Using this information, you can accurately manage the application within your fields. This saves resources and protects the environment.

Comprehensive professional solution:

NEXT TeilflächenmanagementOFFICE

NEXT Subarea ManagementOFFICE

Method for site-specific and efficient management of agricultural land.

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Simple introduction to Smart Farming:

NEXT ApplikationskartencenterLIVE

NEXT Prescription Map CentreLIVE

Simply and quickly create individual prescription maps for your fields using your imported field boundaries.

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The perfect complement:

NEXT Optimierte AussaatSERVICE

NEXT Optimised SeedingSERVICE

Increase maximum yield by up to 11%!

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Ensure high yields at minimum effort.

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TF basic maps as the basis for subarea-specific management are available directly and conveniently from NEXT GeodataSERVICE