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NEXT farming software links and processes the results from:

  • Soil tests
  • Satellite data
  • Sensor technology


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  • You save costs and working capital
  • You comply with the Fertiliser Ordinance
  • Higher quality harvest


More information. Higher yield.

Sub-area specific land use

Modern sensor technology, satellite data, soil analyses and much more make it possible to collect and use objective analysis of information on the cultivated areas.  In this way differences in the biomass in the field can be quantitatively identified and small-scale differences in soil properties can be accurately identified.

If all things were equal, it would be simple.


However, there is scarcely any plot of land, which is uniform in itself and which offers the same yield potential in every part. Different properties and conditions in the soil require differentiation in cultivation.

TalkingFields satellite maps show that not every plot of land is uniform. Cultivating the plots in the same way is not only uneconomic, seed, fertilisers and plant protection products are sometimes used wastefully and optimum yield potential is not exploited.

Fertiliser Ordinance – makes it simpler

Fertilising in accordance with the Fertiliser Ordinance:

In principle a pre-determined, consistent amount of nitrogen is applied to a plot of land. This amount depends on the average yield potential. Plots of land, where the yield potential is lower, are over-fertilised. The plants are unable to take up the excess nitrogen and it is washed out of the soil. This is harmful to the environment and wastes operating resources. Partial areas with a higher than average yield potential are under-fertilised, which means that the top yield potential cannot be exploited.

Fertilising in accordance with yield potential:

If each partial area irrespective of high or low yield potential is fertilised exactly in accordance with its yield potential, the full yield potential can be exploited with optimum use of resources and cultivation becomes sustainable and protects the environment. Cost-savings are made and yields increased.

Ensure greater yield through more information.

Intelligent systems and technologies help farmers to optimise their use of resources. At the time of sowing it is possible to determine the exact use of seed and to ensure that this is applied to exactly the right places on the fields. One application of the fertiliser geared to the plant population and one application of pesticide do not result in savings in operating resources, but they do offer the basis for a healthy plant population in the long term.

1. Talking Fields (TF) maps

If you are looking for sophisticated, resilient information on your fields, then it is worth while taking a look at the TalkingFields maps. For a few euros per hectare you obtain not only a statistically verified basis for the various types of application for seed, fertiliser and plant protection, you can also use the maps as the basis for accurate, meaningful and informative soil sampling.

2. Soil samples

TalkingFields maps and their many years of experience give you a good overview of your acres. Now is the time to go in-depth and investigate the differences in the zones.  Whereas regular soil sampling often delivers only a mean value for the whole plot of land, you can determine with GPS precision the exact nutrients needed by each of your different zones.

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3. Green Seeker

Like track guidance systems the
reduced workload offered by the
NEXT GreenSeekerPACKAGE  is a very convincing argument. You no longer have to spend hours painting application maps, you can determine a strategy and get on with the work.

The production of application maps is an exciting task for companies with high aspirations towards professional inventory management and environmental protection. You would prefer to work on your fields than plan application maps in the office? Then start off by determining your fertilising strategy and set off. Backed by the know-how of the TalkingFields the sensor displays its full potential and allows you to work on each specific sub-area with ease.

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4. Weather station/crop view/ disease model

The NEXT Weather StationPACKAGE gives you up-to-date, detailed weather data at any time at a glance. In the fields or in the farmyard collect data on local rainfall, air temperature, air humidity and many other parameters.  The display of the spraying window for the optimum spraying period and the residual water available in the soil are particularly helpful for stock management.

Data are not only collected and stored, an accurate weather forecast can also be calculated. Because the weather station calculates and corrects on a small scale, its weather forecast is 20% more accurate that conventional weather forecasts. Based on measured sensor data (leaf moisture, air temperature, air humidity and rainfall) precise disease models can be calculated for cereal, vegetable and root crop cultivation. All the data are imported directly into NEXT FarmingOFFICE. There you are able, for instance, to book the data directly against  phytosanitary measures.

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5. Software

Our NEXT FarmingOFFICE and NEXT FarmingLIVE farm management information systems are able to combine, display, plan and document all previously planned measures into desk-top and/or cloud software. Solutions for your Smartphone also allow you to collect records and procedures directly in the field and to transfer them seamlessly into the software.

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6. Service/consultancy on site

Together with our precision farming experts, formulate the strategy best suited to you and your farm. We provide full support for your path into digitalisation, at whatever point you have joined the journey.

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