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NEXT Farming: Your smart farming specialist!

Smart, precise and with a great deal of passion for agriculture - we are NEXT Farming. And we offer you individual digital farming solutions for all types and sizes of business. With our agricultural software, we make your day-to-day work easier and support you on your way to digital agriculture 4.0.

Smart farming for beginners

NEXT Farming Live is the perfect agricultural software for an easy and intuitive entry into the world of digitized Farm Management System (FMS). Multi-vendor and modular, it can be individually adapted to your needs - whether you are a part-time farmer or a large farm.

Comprehensive profile solution

NEXT Farming Pro is the agricultural software for professional users - powerful, efficient and clear. Whether cultivation planning, fertilizer demand determination, mobile documentation or precision farming: NEXT Farming Pro is the right choice for your professional requirements.

Why NEXT Farming?

Arable farm Tegethoff Agrar has opted for NEXT Farming.
Farmer Philipp Tegethoff explains the advantages the software offers him. The farm is fully committed to digitalization - especially digital farming. Philipp Tegethoff is enthusiastic about what he has already been able to achieve with it and how efficiently the planning now runs.

What is smart farming and what advantages does digital farming offer you?

What is smart farming?

Have you ever wondered how modern technologies can improve your farm? That's exactly what smart farming is all about.

Smart farming, also known as precision farming, is an innovative approach to agriculture that uses advanced technologies such as sensors, drones, GPS and big data analytics to make precise decisions regarding planting, irrigation, fertilization and harvesting. The aim is to increase yields and make optimal use of resources while minimizing environmental impact.

What advantages does Smart Farming offer you?

Why smart farming? We provide answers:

Increased efficiency

Precise data analysis allows you to better understand the needs of your plants and respond to them in a targeted manner. This leads to an optimized use of resources such as water, fertilizers and pesticides.

Yield increase

By using sensors and drones, you can detect pests, diseases or nutrient deficiencies at an early stage and combat them before they spread and cause yield losses. You can also apply fertilizer and plant protection exactly where it is needed.

Cost reduction

Smart Farming minimizes the use of resources, which leads to lower operating costs. You only use what your fields really need.


The targeted use of fertilizers and pesticides reduces the environmental impact. They help to minimize soil and water pollution and maintain biodiversity in your fields.

Time saving

Automated processes and remote monitoring allow you to organize your operational processes more efficiently while freeing up time for other important tasks.

What smart farming solutions does NEXT Farming offer you?

We have always been specialists in digital agriculture. With our agricultural software solutions, we pursue one major goal: to make your life easier. That's why we offer you different solutions with a wide range of modules - so that you can put together your software exactly according to your needs. We have the right concept for every farm - whether small, medium or large. (agricultural) contractors(s) will also find the optimal software with us.

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