Our services at a glance:

Einfache Dokumentation

Simple documentation

Field card index, crop planning and documentation for all crops and farm sizes – regardless of location and end device.

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Teilflaechenspezifische Bewirtschaftung

Site-specific crop management

Site-specific and efficient management of arable land with innovative software, smart technology and bespoke advice.

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Erfolgreiche Betriebswirtschaft

Successful business administration

Attractive figures and processes in all areas of operations – from planning to analysis.

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Bedarfsgerechte Duengung

Needs-based fertilisation

Exact nutrient need assesment and fertilisation planning.

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Praezise Vermessung

Accurate surveying

Search for boundary stones and exact area surveying.

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Smarte Maschinenverwaltung

Smart machine management

Intelligent interconnection of mixed fleets and crossvendor integration, monitoring and analysis of machine data.

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Effiziente Tierhaltung

Efficient livestock farming

Professional herd management for pigs, cattle and sheep.

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Sorgfaeltige Feldueberwachung

Diligent field monitoring

Location-accurate recording, documentation and analysis of weather and other field data, including forecasts.

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Umfassende Dienstleistungen

Comprehensive services

Soil sampling and drone services, remote sensing data as well as individual advice.

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