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Useful FAQ about the new NEXT Farming world.

Q: Will the desktop software soon no longer be available?
A: The desktop software will remain, but you will have the option of using additional cloud functions. This is of course optional. Merging the product lines allows you to create individual solutions for your requirements.

Q: What happens to my data when I start working across systems? Willmy data then also end up in the cloud?
A: Of course, you retain control over your data and decide whether your data is stored on your own computer or in the cloud. You must actively agree to this in the software (e.g. by ticking a box). However, some services are only available via the cloud.

Q: Will everything be more expensive from now on?
A: No, by merging the product lines, we can make you various offers that meet the appropriate cost-benefit ratio for you.

Q:So what's new?
A: You have the opportunity to use more functions because two systems have become one. There are now additional applications, which we will be happy to present to you at the DLG Field Days. We have been offering our customers various comprehensive solutions for 30 years. Under the joint brand NEXT Farming, we are moving into the future of digitalized agriculture together with our customers.

Q: What is special about FarmFacts and NEXT Farming compared to other software manufacturers?
A: FarmFacts has been offering software for agriculture for 30 years. We are manufacturer-independent, but still have very good contacts with manufacturers of agricultural technology. Over this time, we have added useful and proven solutions to our portfolio, such as specialist advice and accessories. Our 60-strong field service team is always there where our customers need them. That is our strength.

Q: How does that benefit me as a customer?
A: Every business is different. By merging the product lines, we can offer you even more suitable solutions. These grow with your business and your requirements and can simply be added on.

Q: Now nothing is called NEXT Farming anymore. How am I supposed to know my way around?
A: As a customer, you benefit from the expanded selection. Our support and sales team will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Q: When will the two product lines be fully compatible with each other and enable comprehensive data exchange?
A: We will be presenting the first use cases at the DLG Field Days. These will be continuously expanded. We cannot say at this stage when the two product lines will be fully interlinked. You are welcome to contact us if you have any suggestions or examples for further development.

Q: Do I have to buy a new NEXT Farming Office software version now?
A: No, if you have a Software Service Agreement (SSA), you will automatically receive the latest version as part of the usual update cycle.

Q: But I don't have a software service contract?
A: Your NEXT Farming contact will be happy to provide you with a customized and attractive offer.